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Friendly Blogger Award

Written By irul on Saturday, May 16, 2009 | 6:57 AM

Another category I add to this blog post. Award category name. The contents related to the post award or awards I have receivedfrom Friends of Blogger. Post about the Award was collected and uploaded in the category Blogging Story I move to make it easier to navigate. This once makes it easier for me to write a blog post based on category. It is not close the possibility because the categories in this blog will grow in the future.

Hopefully all is well. Thank you in advance. Keep blogging with friendship. This blog does not have meaning without all of you friends.

And the nominees goes to : Kang Suroto, Daokt, Fajar Design, Boeday, Psd Tutorial, Na, Farah, Utie, Etha, Bhell. Happy blogging friends!

all credit goes to : genial

6:57 AM | 18 comments

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